Monday, December 14, 2009

Will be blogging soon!!

Alot of things hve been happening! New posts coming soon :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been awhile, damn insomnia is back!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged. I need to make a habit of at least posting 2 times a week.

So what's been up? I've been struggling lately with sleeping. Yes, the insomnia is slowly coming back. But it's not as bad as it was the first time. My first round of insomnia I was only getting 10 to 15 minute naps day or night throughout the day and night. 30 mins if I was lucky. This time around, It's anywhere from 2 to 4 hrs. 5 if I'm real lucky.

How do i deal with this problem? Many people are telling me that I need to get on some kind of medication to sleep. My answer, thanks. I did it on my own the first time, I'll be able to do it again. I don't want to be one of those people that depend on pills. Am I wrong in thinking that way? Maybe it's just me. I've been able to do it thus far, I'll be ok.

I often wonder how I'd be though if I didn't have some of the people in my life that I have right now? And I'm not only talking about people that I have physically with me, but people that I've met through twitter. I never thought I'd make some real connections that I've made with some people on twiter. I am grateful for them everyday. Some of them have no idea how much they've helped me in times of need.

So in conclusion, insomnia is back (yay, not), very grateful for my love and best friends here in SA and very grateful for my wonderful, beautiful twitter friends (Have no idea what I'd do w/o them, especially in the middle of the night).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Kiss!

So the other night I was talking to one of my close friends. We were having one of our usual conversations talking about whatever, you know just random things. Within our conversation the subject of her first kiss came up which got me to thinking of my first kiss. It was a rather awkward situation and I thought it would be funny to blog about it.

Now before anything, I need to make clear that I've always been in a private school. Catholic school all my life except when we were oversees in Europe. I point this out because in High School I went to an all girls Catholic school and always hung out in groups, so I never really was exposed to the whole dating boys thing til I got to college where it was there that I experienced my first real kiss. Sad to say, it wasn't R2 haha!

I'll never forget this young man who gave me my first kiss. His name was Sal and he was a very good friend. At least he was til he kissed me, lol. Perhaps I should explain. This guy was one of my first friends in college. We had like 3 classes together. He was a good buddy. We would see each other every now and then and talk like regular friends do. One day he saw me in the library and we started talking. We both still had quite some time before our next class would start and he asked if I wanted to go back to his dorm room to watch a movie. I thought sure, that would be cool. So we go to his dorm room and he turns on the tv. He sat next to me on the couch and that's where it all began...

When he sat next to me, he seemed kind of fidgety like he was nervous or something. He started talking to me and kept like gazing into my eyes. Haha, it's so funny now because at the time, I had no idea what gazing into someones eyes was. Then it happened, he lightly brushed a finger across my cheek and then leaned in and kissed me. It was the funniest thing because I completely froze! I kept thinking to myself, "What are you doing, you're my friend"?! I kissed him back, but it was weird to me cause I really had no idea what the hell I was doing. After it was over, it was real quiet and suddenly sitting next to him felt real weird. I made up some excuse about having to leave cause I was working on a paper. Well needless to say, I'm sure that he didn't get the reaction he was expecting because after that day, he never spoke to me again. And it wasn't a bad thing, it was more like he tried to avoid me as much as possible and I him. We saw each other about 2 years later and the meeting was kind of awkward at first but then everything sort of fell into place and we talked regularly like nothing had happened. Funny thing is that to this day, neither one of us has ever mentioned that day.

Well, that's my story of my first kiss. I'm happy that this friendship was able to resolve itself. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to tell my friend Sal that he gave me my first kiss. He'll always hold a special place in my heart :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 6 - My Favorite Tweets!

Every now and then, there is a tweet or two that catches my attention that I have no choice but to add to my favorites. Here are just a few and why they're my faves!

@shaycarl The Damn internet needs to have a closing time so I can go to sleep. "Thanks for surfing the web but we are currently closed! Come again" ;)
Have we not all felt this way at one time or another! The internet can be too addictiong at times...

@itsBrent [Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.]
I just liked this! Very inspiring. Not sure if Brent came up with it but still! :)

@TonyaTko My dad just came by with his toolbox & saved the day! Thank goodness for Daddies...& even more for The "Daddy's Girls" who love & need them!
I can relate to this tweet on so many levels, I'm a daddy's girl too!

@itsBrent Donuts and Guns. Welcome to Texas.
It's a TX tweet! Had to go in the faves! Copy and paste the link to view the pic, very funny!

@CharlesTrippy I wish they made Head & Shoulders for flaky people in real life and not just flaky hair. LOL.
I thought this was funny!

@MrsGinobili Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, & never regret anything that made you smile.
Words to live by! Gotta love MG :)

@rattlergrl @iamgrey @MrsGinobili @illegalvenez @Rose_Flores Secret coven meeting must be held! We seem to have been put up for discussion? Haha!
I thought this was funny cause seems like everyone wants to be part of our coven. No more members!! HAHAHA!!

@Rose_Flores Ooo they're playing Closer by NIN. Yeah i'm talking to you hahaha ;-)
Pfft! No explanation right Rose?! HAHA!

@carlos_vnzla #1 @rattlergrl @Rose_Flores 262... i SMurfing love you girls :) #2 @Rose_Flores @rattlergrl who cares what tweeple think... the coven is what matters!
Tweets from one of the times Carlos was a little tipsy! lol

@carlos_vnzla #1@rose_flores @rattlergrl U MEMBER.... *sigh* cus recently i was all *sigh*#2@Rose_Flores @rattlergrl lol... i cant show you'll my tweets and blips right now! people will see
Haha, inside jokes with Carlos and Rose!

@Rose_Flores Just passed a street called Rattler Lane. Thought of RG and R2G2! Going too fast to take a pic though lol
Aww, R1G1 and R2G2 :)

@buckhollywood I love that all the major news networks are asking us to tweet our thoughts about Michael Jackson! Everyone is a Twitter WHORE! :-)
We are all twitter whores, don't deny it! Hahaha!

@slimshadym1 #1@rattlergrl hey go to BED..JST SAY!! #2@rattlergrl u too..STOP TWEETING..U NEED #TWEHAB!!lol
The night I realized I had a twitter addiction! Hahaha!

@iamgrey For people who just need to say...and those who want to hear...
This was on a day tht R2 was in Dallas the first time he left. We thank Grey everyday for this song. It's become a very special song to the Rattlers :)

@rattlerguy @rattlergrl What up buttercup! LOL Got 20 mins...
Just thought it was cute :)

@AguyfrTX #1@rattlergrl @rattlerguy And yes i am druk, who gives a F---! I left out the n on purpose so it could rhyme LMAO! BOOSH! #2 Jsut got in, am reelly wasted, and am in 2 truthful of a mood! No tweets 2nite! Well maybez a few LOL Cinder!! Sent you a DM not an MD HAHA! #3 I'm no longer drunk, I am now wasted! LMAO Peace out!
Had to include Matt's tipsy tweets. He's a fun drunkie :)

@Drunk_Bot RT @MrsGinobili @slimshadym1 @rattlergrl omg @jwinfrmsa was stalking us, he totally loves me! =) lmao ok ill stop now im drunk!! - http: ...
Had to add one of our drunk_bot ones! Hahaha!

So these are only a few of my favorite tweets! I have so many! When I'm kinda bummed or just feel like laughing, I go back and read my faves, have a good laugh and then feel much better! I love all my twitter friends. I thank them all!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 5 - What I did today!

Really couldn't decided what to pick out of my day for today's blog so I decided to do something a little different. Gonna write about my whole day instead of a specific topic with a point! That's right, no moral point today, just a day in the life of sort of thing, lol. Anyway, my day was divided into 2 parts, the first half belonged to my dad the second half belonged to love, otherwise known as R2.

My day started with breakfast with my dad. My dad is normally off on Friday's from work, so it has become a normal routine of spending time together bonding. The day normally starts off by us eating breakfast together. And it's either Denny's, IHOP or today's choice, McDonald's. I enjoy this time, cause it allows me to spend time with my dad. Usually after breakfast, if it isn't checking out estate sales, we will go and visit antique shops or spend some time and catch a movie with my fave aunt. Today after breakfast, we decided to check out some estate sales. My dad likes going to those and honestly, so do I. There are 4 companies whose mailing lists we are on and luckily, 2 of them were having sales today. My first half of the day was fun.

R2 and myself wanted to see the new Final Destination movie cause it was gonna be in 3D. It's been awhile since I've seen a 3D movie, so I was really looking forward to it. Overall, the movie was the typical storyline, nothing new but boy the 3D effects were awesome. That alone made the movie worth seeing. After the movie we came back to my house and had lunch with my dad from Subway. It was a fun afternoon.

In the evening, I found myself at R2's place this time watching the Ranger game with a couple of friends. Ranger's lost :( After the game, R2 and I decided to go downstairs and walk the Riverwalk. That's something that we enjoy doing. We spent some time at Durty Nellie's Irish pub (one of our hangouts) and then he took me home.

So that was my Friday. Spent it with the 2 most important men in my life my dad and my R2 :)

Day 4 - This heat is affecting all of us!!

Today I got scared! A friend of mine was visiting and we were watching the Ranger game. I got thirsty so decided to get up and get a drink. Thank goodness I did cause when I went to the kitchen and looked out the window, I saw my 8yr old shepherd Venus acting real weird in the middle of the yard. She was lying down but at the same time it looked like she was struggling to get up. I ran outside only to find her mouth all bloody and shaking like she couldn't catch her breath. I yelled out for my friend to come and help me. When he came out, he pulled her to the shade and we started hosing her down with water. My poor dog was having some sort of heat stroke. The heat has been so awful lately!

My friend held her up and started rubbing her chest as he kept wetting her. By that time, I had already gotten the other hose on her and was wetting her as much as possible. It took awhile, but little by little she started catching her breath. Well as I was wetting her head and mouth, I realized that the blood that I saw was from her biting her tongue. That gave me some relief because at least she wasn't bleeding internally. So after about 20 minutes of constantly wetting her, she finally got up and started to walk around. I had already called the vet and they told me that I was doing the best thing for her and to just keep an eye on her from time to time. Which is what my dad and myself did.

I'm so thankful for my friend Matt and all his help in making sure my dog was well. There was no hesitation from him at all in helping me help my dog. Poor Matt looked awful after everything was over. He was all dirty and muddy from head to toe.

So I'd like to say thank you Matt. You truly are a wonderful friend. Both Venus and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :)

Internet was down last night! Had to post today! Haha!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 3 - Cartoons

So this morning I got up about 4 in the morning and for the life of me, could not go back to sleep! I didn't want to get online cause then I'd have to get up and I was to comfortable in my bed. I couldn't listen to my iPod cause my earbuds make a strange buzzing noise that keeps getting louder and is very aggravating. I couldn't chat on AIM or get on Twitter through my phone cause I forgot to charge the phone and it was low on power. So I decided to watch TV. Of course being that it was the middle of the night, there was nothing on! Until I came across the Cartoon Network! To my surprise, Tom and Jerry was on! And I think that it was some type of marathon thing cause I fell asleep after about 2 hrs and when I woke it was still on. Anyway, I use to love Tom and Jerry as a kid! That was one of my fave cartoons!

Which got me to thinking, man have cartoons changed since I was little. Pfft, they have changed since my parent's time. Look at Mickey Mouse for example. When my parents were little MM was black and white and really skinny. Now he has a little more meat on his bones and wears different clothes! But one thing for sure is that that smile is still the same on his face!

To me, cartoons are not what they use to be. Where are the cartoons about animals?!? Or the ones that had little funny cute creatures?! I don't like cartoons nowadays. I take that back, I don't like SOME cartoons nowadays. Some are just completely awful! Anyway, that was today's random thought!

Quick note! For some reason, this did not post yesterday like it was suppose to. So there will be 2 posts for today but this one was intended for yesterday :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 - I was only thinking of you!

Yesterday was a day full of emotions. Tears, anger, hurt, fear and any other feeling in between rolled into one. For the first time in my new relationship, I was tested I guess you could say. I was faced with the possibility of choosing between my own happiness and the happiness of someone else.

A person I deeply care about was offered a better opportunity that would have caused him to move away to another city. I'm not gonna lie, when I found this out, there was a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that just felt horrible. I was faced with the fact that I might lose one of the few people that I care deeply about. But rather than being selfish and thinking about my feelings, I pushed that aside and thought about the benefits that it would be for my dear friend and love. Which in turn turned out to be a mistake because when that was brought to his attention, all hell broke lose literally, *Enter all the feelings mentioned in the 2nd line of this post*

Now his argument was that I was making too much out of nothing. "Blowing things out of proportion" those were the words that he used. That I wasn't thinking of his feelings and what he wanted. I was even accused of using this situation as an excuse to end our relationship, I'm not gonna lie that one really hurt. But you see, it wasn't that. If I had my way, in a utopian universe if such a place existed, I would want this person with me every single day, day and night! This person has no idea, or at least he didn't at the time, how much he and the time that he spends with me mean to me. I was only thinking of him and his happiness. And if that happiness meant me having to let go of him, I was willing to make that sacrifice.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Remember there is always a point. Was I wrong in my thinking? Isn't it true that when you love someone so much, you should be willing to sacrifice your own happiness for theirs? That's how I've always felt because I know that if the situation were reverse, I would expect the same thing from that other person. To me, this whole situation that I went through yesterday relates to that famous saying "It's better to have lost at love, then never to have loved at all". Anyway, that's what was on my mind today...

Quick side note: It was appreciated that certain people helped me out yesterday in more ways than one. Oh and things were settled with this person. To you my dear sweet love, I love you more than you will ever know :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 1 - Why is she looking for me!

So yesterday I received a call from one of my old neighbors by my grandmas house. I received some upsetting and disturbing news. First I find out that my gram isn't doing too well. My mom's sister was telling a neighbor that gram doesn't want to get up anymore let alone eat. Gram is already 90 yrs old so it is expected. Anyway, I also find out that that lady (my mom's sister) has let all my mother's rose bushes die and that she's cutting down all the trees at the house. She's a strange lady. So that's the upsetting news, gram isn't doing well and mom's sister is destroying all the beauty of my gram's yard.

Now the disturbing news, dun dun dun! Why is she suddenly asking for me?!? I find out that she's asking all the neighbor's if they've talked to me and if they know where I live. It's been over a yr since I've seen the b*tch (yup can't stand her and that's a whole other story that I don't wish to get into right know) why does she want to see me? This makes me kind or nervous b/c the last time we saw each other, things were not well and still aren't. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but it still makes me kind of nervous. At least I'm not getting sick anymore with the thought of her. Yes, it use to be that bad!

Which brings me to the point of today's thought. Yes, there is always a point. How do you deal with someone that you truly despise and hate? I mean, should you cross paths with such a person, how do you react and what do you do? I have avoided this lady as much as possible. I know the day will come when we'll meet again. My problem is that I have no idea what will happen? This person has hurt me in so many ways that it is unbelievable! You couldn't even begin to imagine what hell she's put me through. I wonder,...What will happen? What will I say? Will I cry, yell or do nothing? That's what's on my mind right now...

A blog a day...

So I have decided that I'm gonna make a blog post everyday for a week starting today! That should be fun. Of course they will be random. I'll pick out something that stood out that day and blog my thoughts about it. Whether it be something I saw on TV, something I heard or something I did, I will decide and blog about it. Won't be anything exciting or interesting, but a random thought or two. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new phone!

Oh, such a sad day! My cel phone has finally died! Grr... Funny story. I have had this cel phone since the Motorola Razor first came out. I remember wanting one b/c I thought it was such a cool looking phone! My mom and dad decided to get me one and I was real excited. I remember that they spent like $400, almost $500 dollars! I was so excited b/c I had such a cool phone! Little did I know that about 2 yrs later it would be offered as a buy 1 get one free for like $149. Haha!
Anyway, point of the story. I have been holding on to this phone b/c it was something that my mother gave me. For some reason, I had it in my mind that by replacing the phone it would be like getting rid of another memory of my mother. IDK might seem weird but for some reason it makes sense to me. Well I have come to realize that the phone is only a material item and I am ready for a new phone! Yay, for me. May seem stupid, but it's a positive step for me. So at the end of this week, I'm getting a new phone!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Snake Farm!

Being that Saturday was a yr since losing mom, we decided to go and do something that we were all suppose to do together instead of staying at home depressed and sad. I know that that's what mom would have wanted :) So dad and myself decided to pick up Nick, my god-brother and spend the day together. Mom always wanted to take nick to the Snake Farm in New Braunfels so we decided to go ahead and make that trip to fulfil mom's wish. We had alot of fun!

The place is divided into two sections, the snake farm and the petting zoo. It's not really big but big enough to enjoy. A nice little tourist attraction along the highway. The Snake Farm housed many different kinds of snakes, turtles, crocs and other reptiles. The sm section that had animals was cute. There were birds, monkeys, longhorns (no surprise there, we are in TX after all), a couple of zebras, pigs and quite a fewother animals.

It ended up being a nice fun day. We stayed there for about 2 hrs. On the way home, we talked about mom which was good for all of us. It was a good day :)

Pictures from the Snake Farm :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

A yr ago today

A yr ago today, my heart was broken and my whole world was turned upside down! At the time, I never thought that I'd survive. I never pictured that my life would go on the way it has. What seemed impossible at the time has become a reality. I was able to make it and am ready to move forward, I think. This blog entry may not make any sense, but it makes sense to me. I love you mom and I will always hold you not only in my memory but forever in my heart. I miss you so much, but I'm gonna be ok...

Monday, July 20, 2009

It will soon be a year...

As much as this should be put in my private blog, I've decided to go ahead and put it on both.
I have a broken heart that has been trying to mend throughout the last yr. Perhaps I should explain, but before I go any further, please know that this post is not intended to get any pity or attention from anyone but simply to allow others into a part of me that I'm now ready to share. I was told that it would be good for me.

On July 25th of last yr, my whole world was torn apart. I lost my mother and almost lost myself as well. Perhaps I should clarify....What I mean is, I lost the will that each of us needs to have everyday. The will to go on, the will to keep on living the life that my mom would have wanted. The will to just be. I stayed to myself and alienated everyone around me that resulted in things that I now am sorry for. I didn't eat for weeks and just wanted to be left alone. Then when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, they did. That's a whole other blog that I'm not ready to discuss because of all the anger that it brings. But anyway, that situation resulted in my having to not only lose my childhood home but also having to lose the only grandparent that I've ever known.

My mother was the rock that held our family together. She was the stronger one that both my father and I depended on. She was the center of my entire world. We were very close and when my father and I lost her, we lost ourselves. There was no end or beginning to each day. It was just time that passed with no ending. It was hard. Boy has it been so hard, but by some strange miracle, we have survived and I can now say that we are going to be ok. This past yr has been a great struggle for me and my dad. We have gone through numerous heartaches and it seems that there are not enough tears to cry for what we've been through.

These past few days, I have been trying my hardest to keep my mind occupied trying to ignore that each day the 25th comes closer. It's been hard but I've managed to do so. However, there have been a couple of moments that have hit me hard and that's expected because I know that it's something that I can't ignore and to be honest, I really don't want to. I know that that emptiness and pain will never go away, but it's not as bad as it use to be. I can now get up in the morning and smile. I can laugh when someone says or does something funny. I can now remember my mom w/o much heartache anymore but instead with happiness. And most of all, I can now look at her picture and smile. The tears still fall but now they are accompanied with warm thoughts and memories.

I do know that I have not made this journey alone. Aside from my father, aunts and uncles and cousins, I am very grateful for my friends. I honestly have no idea what I'd do w/o them, friends especially. My best friends Sylvie, Matt and my dear beloved Chris have done so much for me in just being there with open arms, ears and hearts. If it wasn't for their phone calls, company, e-mails or distractions, I have no idea what I would have done. Along the way, I've also managed to make a special connection with some of my online friends as well. Angelica (MG), Rose, Grey and Carlos have not only provided me with moments of wonderful laughter but have often kept me occupied in times when I really needed it. I hope that they know that there have been several nights where I thought that I'd go mad if it had not been for their conversation. I am grateful to the late night chats that each one has provided me with either as a group or individually. And I am also grateful for the concern that they've each shown me in their own way either thru AIM, DMs or txts. I truly love each and everyone of them and I hope that they know that they hold a special place in my heart.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love = Happiness: Good thing or bad?

LOVE, such a small word that comes with so much baggage. It can make you crazy, mad, smile and cry all at the same time. But most important of all, love can make you HAPPY. Thus bringing the question is that happiness all worth it and is it a good or bad thing?
Well.....Good because, well who doesn't want to be happy? Is that not the thing that everyone looks for, happiness? Happiness makes you want to get up in the morning. Happiness allows you to overlook things that usually annoy you. Happiness makes you smile and feel confidant....So, why would it be a bad thing?
Hmm...let's see. Well, happiness can sometimes become annoying to others around you thus pushing those that you love away. Happiness can sometimes make you choose between what makes you happy and what makes others happy. And, as quickly as happiness comes, it can leave, sad and scary but true. So what do you do?

Personally, I am doing what's right for me and what makes me happy. I like to get up every morning and feel good, that's healthy! Yes I may annoy others with my happiness, but I do it with hope that they'll be lucky enough to feel the same thing I'm feeling. If my friends are truly my friends, they shouldn't make me choose between my happiness and them and instead should just be there for me as I have always been there for them. And most of all, yes there's that chance that this happiness may one day end and I might get hurt in the process, and it is scary as hell!! But I stop and think about something. How would I be right now, if I didn't have this happiness with me? I think that I'd rather take that chance and enjoy it right now that I have it rather than living with that regret of wondering what would have been.

A very wise person once said that we shouldn't be scared to live because then we'll miss out on great things. Well living in the moment is what makes me happy, so that's what I'm doing.
Here's to being happy in love! And remember...."Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness". ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sunday, July 5, 2009

*ls*fjfh^ae%*fi_*edjs&#d* = (My Weekend)

Warning!! This is one of those ranting blogs where I have to write down my feelings as suggested by the the brilliant RoRo (@rose_flores).

This past weekend was one that was filled with days that contained every emotion imaginable. As you recall that my one tweet (Confused!! Very confused, frustrated, excited, happy, aggravated all mixed into one!! Grrr...7/04 1:54AM) pretty much explains this blog entry in a nutshell. Friday evening was great. Went out, had fun and then things went from great to woah! That's the best word to describe it. I got home that night w/mixed emotions but after a few exchanged texts with @Rose_flores and @IamGrey, I started to feel ok.

Saturday morning came. I woke up feeling rather excited b/c I was gonna participate in learning how to dance the Tango with a very special person. The class went well, we had alot of fun, things were great. Even more so b/c that night I had a real good convo on AIM w/my dear friend @iamgrey. I was back in my happy place!

Sunday.......all happiness went to HELL!! That's all I'm saying...

Which brings me to the main point of this blog entry.....What do you do when the one thing that you want most is right there in front of you, for you to take whenever you want it mind you, and it scares the f---ing sh*t out of you to go and take it!!
That is me right now!!

Wow, it really helps when you are able to read what you are thinking! I might just do the whole journal thing that RoRo suggested after all. Anyway, that's what is on my mind right now on 7/06 at 2:43 in the morning! I'm back in my happy place :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scary....But Funny as Hell!!

This is gonna be one of those random blogs that I do where I just want to share a tidbit (MG's word) of a random thing that I did or was part of :)
So this past weekend, I spent it with some of my closest friends. I'm gonna go ahead and share something that we discovered in the middle of the night on Saturday (Sat going into Sun). After numerous drinks of whatever contained a so much % proof on it, everything started to seem funny to everyone. There was a debate about whether Pizza Hut was now called The Hut (thx 4 that one MG haha), there was a little bit of truth or dare (which is always fun) and some serious Rock Band playing. I suddenly remembered something my cousins had done a few months ago that I thought I'd introduce to my fellow drunken friends.
Ever heard of the scary maze? It's an online website that offers a puzzle maze that people try to complete but never do. If you are familiar with it, then you know what happens at the end of the maze. If not, I'll be posting the link for you to try and see if you are successful in completing it.
I just wanted to share b/c if you ever find yourself bored w/friends (especially drunk one's) it is such a funny thing to see how a drunky reacts when getting the crap scared out of the them! You might have to copy and paste, but please try if you haven't!!

This is the link to the maze! Try it out if you haven't. Just make sure that you are in your own home and not the workplace.

If you have not done the maze, do not look at the reactions yet! Do the maze and then view the reactions later!!

These are a couple of links to reactions from people playing the scary maze game.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting To Know Me Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday's blog post that I found more fun to answer. Some of these are a little more personal which is always more fun. Enjoy!

25. What did you do last night? I went to see Transformers 2 with friends.
26. What was the last film you saw at the movies? Transformers 2.
27. What is your favorite movie? The Godfather and Scent of a Woman
28. What is your favorite TV show? Sex and the City and Friends
29. Now what show is really your favorite that you won't admit to seeing? The Hills, lol
30. What is your favorite CD at moment? The Twilight Soundtrack
31. Favorite item of clothing? My Charles Trippy T-shirt
32. Favorite sandwich? Fried bologna w/crumpled chips. Weird I know, have liked that since I was a kid. Haha!
33. Favorite sport to watch? Basketball and Horse Racing
34. What is your favorite candy? Gummy Lifesavers
35. What is your favorite flower? A Daisy
36. Favorite soft drink? Big Red and Barq's Rootbeer
37. What was your favorite toy as a child? A home made Cabbage Patch Doll that my mom got me
38. Favorite day of the week? Sundays, they represent a new beginning, a clean slate.
39. What is your favorite song? Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park
40. What is your favorite love song? 4 in the Morning by Gwen Stefani
41. Have you ever had your heart broken? Once
42. Hugs or kisses? Definitely kisses. They're so much more intimate.
43. Do you remember your first real kiss? OMG, yes! It was Sal Condenza. Never saw him again after that! He violated my mouth, eww! So gonna have to blog about that one day! Haha!
44. Have you ever been in a serious relationship? Yes, twice.
45. Any regrets from that serious relationship? No.
46. While in a relationship, what do you enjoy the most? Those moments of talking about absolutely nothing for hours.
47. Are looks or the way you are treated matter most in a relationship? The way I'm treated.
48. What is the first thing you notice about a person of the opposite sex? Their smile.
49. Did you feel uncomfortable sharing about yourself? No
50. And finally, is there any news or exciting info you'd like to share with us? I'm thinking it might be "that" kind of love once again, yay!

Thank you so much for participating my friends! I really enjoyed reading and getting to know a little more about my coven people. Now I know why you all are so special to me!! Hope that you all have a happy, safe and great weekend :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting to Know Me Part 1....

This blog is gonna be quite different. It's gonna be more of a get to know me type thing. I got this e-mail the other day from a friend entitled Getting to Know Your Friends. There were so many questions about specific things that I thought it would be cool to be a blog. It will have to be broken down into two sections. The first part consist of general questions while the second deals with favorites and relationships and love. I thought it was fun and decided to share. Maybe you can copy and paste and do the same on your blog. Regardless, here are some little known facts to get to know me better. Enjoy!! :)

1. What is your middle name? Ann, blah I hate it!!
2. When is your birthday? December 19th
3. What kind of car do you drive? A Ford F-150. But I really miss my GT-Mustang :(
4. Pets? Yorkie-Paris, German Shepherd-Venus, Tabbie Cat-Shotzie
5. Who was the first person you spoke to on the phone today? My dad.
6. Who was the last person you spoke to last night? My friend Chris
7. What did you want to be when you were little? A teacher
8. How many towns have you lived in? 7 4-US 3-Germany
9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? London, England
10. Are you a morning person or a night person? Pfft!! Night owl! Haha!
11. What food do you dislike? Eggs
12. What characteristic in a person do you despise? When someone lies
13. Do you wish on stars? Yes I do!
14. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green
15. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds, I like the way they sparkle!
16. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
17. Coffee or tea? Tea
18. What is under your bed? My beading stuff. I like making jewelry.
19. What was your most recent memorable birthday? My last one, it was the first w/o my mom.
20. When was the last time you cried? Last night.
21. What are you afraid of? Losing my dad.
22. Do you prefer Summer or Winter? Winter
23. How many keys on your key ring? 5 the truck, the club, 2 for the house and Chris' place.
24. What are you listening to right now at this moment? Never Say Never by The Fray with the humming of the air conditioner in the background.

This is halfway through. Tomorrow I'll post the other half that deals with my favorites and questions about love and relationships. Hope that it is something you enjoyed in getting to know me a little better and I hope to see a similar thing from those of you w/a blog! Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today I wanted to make a blog and dedicate it to my dad! I want to begin by sharing a special memory of my father.....
When I was little, I had a doll that was very special to me. This was the one doll that I did everything with. Anyway, we were in Germany at the time and had gone on a tour to Spain. Naturally, I took my doll with me (I was 8 yrs old at the time). When our trip was over and we had returned back home, I realized that I had left my doll on the tour bus. I was devastated. Seeing how much my doll meant to me, my dad decided that we would go back to the bus station and get my doll. When we got there, they told us that the bus driver had already left for home - this particular bus driver owned the bus so he had taken it with him - and that he lived 300 mi from where we were. So clearly, my whole world was shattered, I was never gonna see my Cabby (that was her name) again! And then it happened, my dad saved the day. My poor father was so tired from our recent trip but he decided anyway that we would go ahead and make the trip to this man's house to get my doll. We didn't even go home, we left from the bus station. We made the long trip to the bus driver's house and when we finally got there, I was reunited with my doll.
This may not seem like a big deal to some people but to me it is. When this story has been told in the past, alot of people have said that they wouldn't have done that. My dad is a unique person. He is very kind hearted and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I always feared my mom more than my dad. Put it this way, my father has never raised his voice at me. A few yrs ago he yelled at me for something and it was such a shock to me that it made me cry! It literally broke my heart that my dad yelled at me. It was funny b/c after seeing how much it hurt my feelings, my dad felt bad. I just wanted to share how special a person my father is. This is for you poppa, I love you and hope that you have a wonderful Father's Day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pandora's Box - Good or Evil?

There was this thing on the National Geographic channel the other day about Pandora, the first woman created by the mythological gods. I did not catch the whole story, but I did find her interesting and decided to blog about it. Another random thought running in my head that seems to tie with current situations in my life right now. Anyway, hope you enjoy and that it gives you something to think about.

"Trouble" "Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid" "Opening a Can of Worms" "Friendships Gone Bad" "The Root of All Evil" These were some of the thoughts that were shared when asked to mention what Pandora's Box meant. According to the website, Pandora's box was defined by the following. "In classical mythology, a box that Zeus gave to Pandora, the first woman, with strict instructions that she not open it. Pandora's curiosity soon got the better of her, and she opened the box. All the evils and miseries of the world flew out to afflict mankind".

This got me thinking.....How often are we faced with our own version of Pandora's Box in life? Everyday we are faced with situations- whether it be at the workplace with co-workers, at home with family or in the relationship with the one you love- where as much as we don't want, curiosity does get the best of us and sometimes leads to regret or uncertainty. So is it better to leave things alone and not take a chance knowing that you may get hurt? Is letting curiosity get the best of you so bad? At first I agreed that maybe it was better to leave things alone and avoid any "unforeseen trouble" but then I received an answer that I did not know let alone expected about Pandora's Box.

My friend Matthew @aguyfrtx tweeted this "2 me Pandora's Box is often seen as the root of all evil b/c curiosity led to it's opening......Many don't realize that "hope" was left b4 it was closed! So, even though things can get bad, there is always hope". So maybe curiosity isn't always so bad. Maybe it is something that needs to be explored and felt before you get to what you are looking for. Personally, curiosity has led to good things so far. Which is rare for me because I am usually one to distract pain and suffering these days. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, take a chance in life! Ask that question, take that dare, make the first move. Maybe there may be heartache and disappointment along the way, but never forget that there is always gonna be hope in the end! Thanks for those who participated! XOXOXO

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Dilemma

This is one of those random thingys that have been on my mind. After this past weekend in chat w/@rose_flores and @iamgrey and then this morning w/@mrsginobili it really got me thinking....

Ever have those moments in life where you find yourself questioning if what you are about to do is something that you're gonna regret? You know those "I shouldn't be here" and "Did I just say that?" moments. I have been feeling that way these past couple of days and it was really brought to my attention when a friend of mine mentioned the word trouble this morning on one of her tweets! Thanks MG! Haha!

There is something that I have been struggling with that I really want but I know that I shouldn't have because like all things that we really want, might lead to trouble and heartache. But how much fun and how good can trouble sometimes feel!!Anyway, I've talked to my best friend about it and she told me what I always tell her, follow your heart. Up until she told me that I never realized how frustrating it is to hear that when you are on the other end of the convo! Guess i had that coming after telling everyone to follow their heart. I promise from now on I will not say that anymore, lol. So anyway, all this talk about fun and trouble this morning got me thinking, I believe I might follow my own advice and MAYBEEE follow my heart. What's the worse that can happen right? I'm gonna live in the moment and just hope that things work out for the best and I'll make sure that I'll have fun along the way!! My twitter girls know what I'm talking about! I truly do <3 you girls and am so happy that you have become part of my life!

And to that certain person who is also reading this blog, you have won! Please don't let me down :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

My cousins.

I was reading a blog entry from a friend that got me thinking how important family really is. This blog that I read was about the praise and appreciation of a sister. Got me thinking of how all of us have certain people in our families that make such an impact in our lives. Now I don't have any siblings, so I'm not familiar on that kind of relationship, but I do have 2 cousins that are very close to me. So close that I know my life would be incomplete w/o them. So in a way, they are my fill in sister and brother.

Now these two people are complete opposites. One I was raised with and the other I would see from time to time growing up but still remained special for some reason. The first is my cousin Jesse (JJ) for short. He is 10 months older than me and has always been the big brother I never had. He's in the military and just recently came back fr a 6 month tour in Spain. The 2nd is my cousin Sandra. She too is older than me and is a spitting image of my mother.

It was when I lost my mother, that I realized how important they were to me and how much I needed them. In the traditional sense, members of both sides of my family were by my side, but I found that I really didn't care. All I wanted (aside fr my dad and closet uncle) were my two cousins. That's all that mattered. When they finally arrived, everything started to feel like it was gonna be OK. These two individuals hold a special place in my heart. I love them so much that I would do anything in my power for them.
I have become even closer to my cousins now and talk to them on a daily basis. Funny thing....For some reason even though I didn't see my cousin Sandra that much growing up, she always was special to me. And I finally realized why. As I mentioned, she is the spitting image of my mom and no surprise inherited alot of my mother's character. People always said that she could have passed as my mom's daughter. Sandra reminds me of my mom so much! I see so much of my mom in her. I like to think that my mom lives through her, which means that she will always be with me. Sounds funny but that brings me comfort.
Anyway, so in conclusion family is important. We shouldn't take them for granted, especially the one's that mean the most to us. Sandra, JJ this post is dedicated to you both. I have no idea how I would have survived these past few months w/o you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Secret Tweet Universe

Ever have something that you felt you had to get off your chest but didn't really know how to? Ever felt the need or want to tell someone something but felt ashamed or unsure of how they would judge you if they heard you say such things? There are times when we bottle things up inside. Things that we are feeling, things that we are thinking and just don't know quite who to tell it to.

There have been several times for me, especially throughout this past year, that I just wanted to scream out all these mixed emotions that I have. Problem is that some of these things have been quite personal (a little too personal) that I don't feel comfortable sharing w/my family or even my best friends. They are personal heartaches, personal thoughts that I sometimes have to just let out.

Which brings me to the purpose of today's post. There is a secret twitter place that exists where you can let out everything you want. And the beauty of it all is that it is done anonymously!! Whether you have the need to spill out your thoughts or are simply just curious of what others have to say, you should follow. Sometimes reading some of these secret tweets makes you think that maybe things aren't as bad for you as they are for others. The following YouTube vid is from my friend Thor ( who was the one who introduced me to the secret tweet universe. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Real Friends vs My Internet Friends

These past couple of weeks something has been on my mind. I have been thinking about the difference between my real friends (those that I have that I go out/communicate with here at home) and my internet friends (who I have met online throughout the yrs).

I have noticed that within the last month or so, I have made alot more internet friends than usual, and to tell you the truth, some of these people I have really grown to care about and know. Which brings me to the point of today's post. I am seeing that as much as I enjoy spending time w/my friends here at home, I truly do enjoy all the time that I spend w/my internet buddies online. Some of these individuals I have gotten to know on a personal level and have been able to relate with on certain issues. There are some that I have stayed up with until 4/5 in the morning either in a chat or on AIM just talking about random stuff that goes on in life. I see that I feel very comfortable with some of these people, so comfortable that I am able to just express myself freely and there is never any judgement on their behalf, I hear their troubles and they hear mine. And the most important thing of all.....they make me laugh. Some of these people have brought so much laughter into my life.

So to conclude today's post, as much as I love and care for my local friends, I love and care for my internet friends as well. I want to say thank you for making me laugh and I hope that our friendships will continue.
To @MrsGinobili, @rita202109 and @JwinfrmSA and @Rose_Flores, @iamgrey and @illegalvenez (my vampire coven), this post is dedicated to you all. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is It Possible to Hate Someone So Much That You Don't Care if They Live or Die?

There is a person in my life that I truly despise. So much that if I saw this person lying on the ground suffering from a heart attack, I would turn and look the other way w/o a single thought of concern. Is that bad? My mother always told me that hate was a bad word. That it was always better to say that you dislike someone. But I am sorry, I hate this person.
Perhaps I should explain. You see, I am not a bad person and it is not in my nature to hate someone. I'm am quite lovable and get along with others easily. It really takes alot to get me mad at you and usually I end up forgetting about it at the end. But if you hurt me or someone I love, you make an enemy for life. That is what happened with this person. She is responsible for my not being able to see my grandmother anymore and is the reason that my father and I had to have everything moved out of the house that I have known since I was little. She has caused my father and I great heartache and pain and was never compassionate with us when we were going through a difficult time.
The reason that I am posting this blog is b/c it's been bottling up inside me again. I was told that I need to release the anger and just blog instead of making myself sick like last time. That's how bad it's gotten!! Oh well I guess that's life. I feel much better now....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can't help it.....I'm a girl!!!!!

Today I realized something. I found out that I have a sickness....I am addicted to shoes and purses.
It all started today as I was planning to rearrange my room. Today I was unpacking a few containers that I have been meaning to get to since I moved back in with my dad. They have been sitting there in my closet for the past few months. As I pulled them out, I was rather curious as to what was in them. I popped open the lids and there they designer shoes and purses!! Oh how I've missed them!! In my opinion, a girl can never have enough shoes or purses (or sunglasses for that matter but that's a whole other story).

One may wonder how I could forget such a thing, well here's the deal. Since my mom's passing, some of the things that I really cared for suddenly became of less importance. I have been doing the traditional custom of wearing black for the past yr out of respect and honor for my mom and I have not really had a need let alone a want to wear/change my shoes and handbags. It started to feel somewhat pointless. Anyway, that being said as I was pulling out my shoes and bags, alot of them brought memories of my mom because it was she who bought me most of them. She knew my weakness for a nice new designer handbag and it always brought her such joy to buy me one. So I have decided, I am gonna take back that part of me that I have been neglecting for awhile. It may not seem like it, but this is a big step for me. I know that soon I will be myself again :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

What!! Twitter Maintenance, nooooo!!!

Today's twitter maintenance reminded me of a YouTube vid that I saw a few months ago about how the world would be w/o Twitter.

Funny how twitter has become an everyday part of our lives. Unlike the character in the vid, I do enjoy knowing what my twitter friends are doing throughout the day. There have been times where I have had a pretty rough day and it is those quirky twitter comments that some of my tweeple have posted that I read that make me laugh and feel better. With me, there is no real distinction between my "real" friends and my online twitter friends. All of them are real for me and as much as I love my friends that are part of my everyday life, I love most of my twitter friends just as well.

Family = Laughter

Tonight I did something that I have not done for a long time, I laughed until my side hurt and tears filled my eyes. I was at home with my dad when the phone rang. It was my favorite aunt from my dad's side inviting us to go eat dinner. So my father and I got ready and went to go meet her and my cousin at The Golden Star Restaurant. It was pleasant. We ate and talked about our day. And then it all started with American Idol. Now I will not go into details and specifics b/c alot of the things that were said included inside jokes about family members and I'll be honest with you, that is a whole other blog. We talked about American Idol, Susan Boyle, Robert Pattinson playing a gay man and my dad thinking that he got the Swine Flu last weekend.

My point is that it has been awhile since I've laughed so hard. I mean really let myself laugh to the point where tears were flowing and my side was hurting. It may not seem like a big deal but it is too me because I don't find myself laughing as much as I use to. Especially since the passing of my mother. Oh my God, I am not gonna lie, it has been hard. There are days where I feel so empty inside and days that I feel fine. Sometimes I feel weird thinking that I shouldn't be laughing, but then I know for a fact that my mom wouldn't want that. But it has gotten a little easier to laugh, which is the whole purpose of this post. I have learned that I shouldn't take my family for granted and know that they are here for me and my father. Laughing is a good thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Love......A Best Friend

Before anything, this blog acts as an online journal for me and sometimes I will post what I am thinking or struggling with at the moment, hence the following post. To my dear twitter buddies that are following my Blog, I want to say thanks for following, and I promise you, you won't have to read about my thoughts and problems that often. At least I hope not!! Now on to what's on my mind right now...
Ever pay attention to how stupid a person can act, let alone sound when they've been bitten by the love bug? Recently, I was visited by a ghost from my past that appeared out of nowhere!! This person, who I truly do love, has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years. We dated, had fun but decided that we would be better off as friends. Bad thing is, we became best friends. He is probably one of the few people who knows everything about me. Now all of a sudden, that younger version of this person who I fell for a few years ago has decided to come out and I am really not sure what to make of it!! As much as I want what we once had, which now seems like so long ago, I'm also afraid to lose my best friend...........I know you will read this. And though you may not agree, all I'm asking is to give me time. Thank you for always being there for me especially this past yr with everything that has happened. I know that you are trying and I appreciate that.

My Pets!!!

Just wanted to post a quick blog about the little critters that reside with me and my dad.
I'll begin with the oldest, my cat. Her name is Shotzie, which is sweetheart in some language. She will be 14 years old this October. I rescued her from near death. When I found her, she was the ugliest thing. She had ear mites, was full of fleas and her left eye was swollen. Being the huge animal lover that I am, I quickly fell in love with her. We took her to the vet, got all that we needed for her and we had a new addition to the family. Within the past 13 years, she has already used up most of her nine lives. People would think we were crazy for the amount of money that has been spent on her. She is now in her "Golden Years" and really doesn't do much. She has become a fat,lazy cat.
My next set of pets are my 2 German Shepherds, Venus and Apollo. I have always had shepherds in my life for as long as I can remember. They are good watch dogs and I love them dearly as well. The male is the darker one and was the oldest. Apollo recently passed away, but I felt that I had to include him in this blog b/c he was part of the family.
And finally there is the newest of the bunch, Ms. Paris Hilton who just turned 1 this past December. My mom named her. Funny thing about her is that she has her papers and is AKC registered as a Yorkie, but somehow seems to be too big to be one. Mom always said that she was bigger because she was Texas sized. They told us that she can't be used to show b/c her ears never went up but we never intended to have her in dog shows anyway.
So those are my pets. I love them and they all bring such joy to my life!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I did not get the win, I got something better!!!

Well what started as an unsure event, became a sure win!! Yes, I made money today at the Kentucky Derby!!! Granted I did not win at post, I did however win by an exacta. After hearing the bad news this morning about my original horse "I Want Revenge" being scratched, let alone that it was gonna be a sloppy field due to the rain, I was kind of bummed. He was a sure win and I already had planned out how I was gonna bet. I had to turn to plan B, my second choice "Pioneer of the Nile". I already new that he had a good chance of winning. He was my original pick back in mid April, especially since he was one of Baffert's horses who has always brought me big money in the past. The key was to find who would be the shoe in that would come in second for the exacta. I was undecided between 4 horses and just decided to box them all with "PON" and hope that one of them would come in second! Little did I know that instead of coming in second, one of the horses that I picked, "Mine That Bird", came in first which shot up the purse value because he was a longshot!! His odds were 50-1!! It was a great day at the races. I turned $200 worth of multiple possibilities into a win that paid a little over $2000. Thank you "Mine That Bird" and I hope to see you in the Preakness Stakes in two weeks!!!

I Want Revenge got scratched!!!

Well, I had a plan. Was gonna bet big on I Want Revenge, <<<< the horse over there-I was that sure of him!!! And then I woke up to find that the favorite to win the KY Derby this yr got scratched due to an injured ankle!! Ahh, this takes me back to the Belmont Stakes of 1999 (yes I've been playing the horses that long, I started when I was thirteen!!) when Charismatic (who would have been the next Triple Crown winner since Affirmed) broke his leg in two places inches away from crossing the finish line. I swear, if I could have jumped through the TV, I along with several other crazy people, would have pulled him over the finish line!! I lost money that year, but things worked out well for the horse though, he now resides in Japan and is used to stud. Lucky him!! Haha!
I have no choice but to see what my alternate choices are. I'm thinking, "What would mom have done"? Lukas has a horse that looks pretty good, he's had 6 straight KY Derby wins in the past. Pletcher and Baffert have horses as well that have not failed me in the past. I'm not gonna bet big, especially now that the favorite is scratched. These are just random thoughts I'm having before heading to the race track. Let's see what happens...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spurs season is ended...The Triple Crown has begun

Well, it's over. My Spurs aren't getting a championship this year. But that's ok because I still love my Spurs!! We'll be back next year!! As long as Dallas doesn't win, I'll be a happy camper :)
Now starts my true passion...playing the horses. The race for the Triple Crown begins this Saturday. I have been following all the races leading to the Kentucky Derby and am pretty sure I have the potential to pick the winner. I am not betting that high though because the first race is always a wild card. Hopefully by the time the Belmont happens, I'll know for sure :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm addicted to Twitter!!!

When I first heard of Twitter and the whole "What are you doing thing?" I was like many and thought OK that's stupid. Little did I know how much it would become part of my everyday life. I love Twitter and like the fact that I can communicate not only through the web but my cel as well. I also like the fact that I can post pictures. Twitter is like Myspace or Facebook on the go I guess. I like it and have made many wonderful friends that I truly cherish!!
I hold Mr Charles Trippy of YouTube responsible for getting me addicted to Twitter and would like to say that Trippy said that Twitter would be the next best thing way before it became mainstream. Twitter has been around for awhile people!!! Anyway, I was going through my faves on YouTube and found a vid that Trippy did that sums up how funny and addicting Twitter can be and thought that I'd post it on my blog for others to enjoy. Check out my friend Charles. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

They shoot, they SCORE!!!!

My Spurs won!!! I just got home from driving around downtown like a crazy person honking and honking in celebration of the Spurs victory over Dallas tonight. Thank goodness it is Fiesta! There was enough celebration from those going home. Now it's even 1-1. Am I worried?!?! Pfft...I don't think so. I have faith in my Spurs!! Now we are headed to Dallas, their turf. No problem! This post is to say hello and give shout outs to my new Sprus Twitter buddies!! In the chat I met some wonderful people! @geniegenie, @illegalvenez, @rita202109, @slimshadym1, @iamgrey and @Robert1886. And of course I can't forget @Da_ch0sen1, @MrsGinobili, @JUNEBONE, @JwinfrmSA, @mrbravo2000 and @rattlerguy. Here's to hopefully winning the first round!! And remember.....GO SPURS GO!!!!

My Twitter buddies rock!!

Well, my Spurs did not win on Saturday, BUT I'TS OK!!! Today is a new day and we are gonna win!!! I want to begin by thanking all my twiiter buddies for keeping me well entertained on Saturday before and during the game. Thanks to @rattlerguy, @NGIACMKE, @MrsGinobili, @greenfairy5760, @JwinfrmSA, mrbravo2000 and @B0O for making me laugh so much with all your tweets about the game, Fiesta and the events of your evenings. I felt like crap because of my cold but you all made the time pass. I am truly grateful for ALL my twitter buddies :) So my SA Tweeps, let's put our game faces on and get ready for tonight!! GO SPURS GO!!!! :-P

Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Spurs Go!!!

It is that time of yr again, the NBA Playoffs! Granted Manu isn't playing, but I still have faith in my SA Spurs. First round is against the Dallas Mavs. Pfft, no problem. My Spurs flag is proudly flowing outside, got my lucky Tim Duncan shirt ready, bought plenty of Frisky's Salmon for Shotzie(my cat)to eat on game days and the decal is plastered on the back of the truck. Bring it on Dallas!!! GO SPURS GO!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of some of the matches that were part of Wrestlemania 25!!!

Undertaker v Shawn Michaels, Money in the Bank, World Championship Title Triple Threat Match: Edge v John Cena v The Big Show, WWE Title: HHH v Randy Orton

Our road trip was awsome!!!

Wrestlemania 25 is now in the books, and I am happy to say that I along with my dad and god-brother Nicholas were a part of it!! We left for Houston early in the morning and got there about 1:30. The event did not start until 5:30 so we had plenty of time to waste. We decided to eat at the Galleria and from there we went ahead and went to Reliant Stadium. We had to wait awhile before the gates opened. We bought souvenirs and finally were able to get in. The seats were kind of high but with the addition of the Jumbo-trons, we had no problem seeing what was happening. As long as we were there, we did not care!!! The show was awesome!! We agreed that the best match was between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Overall, we had a great time. I am happy that I was able to share this with dad and Nick. I know that mom would have been happy as well.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We are ready to go!!

We are packed and ready for tomorrow. Wrestlemania baby!!! We will be leaving in the morning so we can get there with plenty of time to spare. It is gonna be fun. Dad and Nick are very excited and already have their Cena shirts. I have decided to go with an Edge shirt. If I can figure it out, I will post photos. In the words of Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :-P

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrestlemania here I come!!!

It is Tuesday and in 5 days, I (along with my dad and Nick) will be screaming our heads off in Houston at the Reliance Stadium for Wrestlemania 25!! Dad and Nick have thier John Cena shirts and I already have my Edge shirt. It's gonna be fun! Mom always said that if Wrestlemania ever came to TX, we would go. When we found out last yr that Wrestlemania would be in TX, I remember that we all got excited and she said that we would be going. Well we are going!! I will place pictures after the event because, this is after all an online scrapbook. Woo-hoo!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

And so it begins...

This blog will be for myself more like an online journal I guess. I am gonna try to post at least once a week. I guess I would like to make this more or less like an online scrapbook. Yeah, a scrapbook. That sounds good :)