Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pandora's Box - Good or Evil?

There was this thing on the National Geographic channel the other day about Pandora, the first woman created by the mythological gods. I did not catch the whole story, but I did find her interesting and decided to blog about it. Another random thought running in my head that seems to tie with current situations in my life right now. Anyway, hope you enjoy and that it gives you something to think about.

"Trouble" "Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid" "Opening a Can of Worms" "Friendships Gone Bad" "The Root of All Evil" These were some of the thoughts that were shared when asked to mention what Pandora's Box meant. According to the website, Pandora's box was defined by the following. "In classical mythology, a box that Zeus gave to Pandora, the first woman, with strict instructions that she not open it. Pandora's curiosity soon got the better of her, and she opened the box. All the evils and miseries of the world flew out to afflict mankind".

This got me thinking.....How often are we faced with our own version of Pandora's Box in life? Everyday we are faced with situations- whether it be at the workplace with co-workers, at home with family or in the relationship with the one you love- where as much as we don't want, curiosity does get the best of us and sometimes leads to regret or uncertainty. So is it better to leave things alone and not take a chance knowing that you may get hurt? Is letting curiosity get the best of you so bad? At first I agreed that maybe it was better to leave things alone and avoid any "unforeseen trouble" but then I received an answer that I did not know let alone expected about Pandora's Box.

My friend Matthew @aguyfrtx tweeted this "2 me Pandora's Box is often seen as the root of all evil b/c curiosity led to it's opening......Many don't realize that "hope" was left b4 it was closed! So, even though things can get bad, there is always hope". So maybe curiosity isn't always so bad. Maybe it is something that needs to be explored and felt before you get to what you are looking for. Personally, curiosity has led to good things so far. Which is rare for me because I am usually one to distract pain and suffering these days. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, take a chance in life! Ask that question, take that dare, make the first move. Maybe there may be heartache and disappointment along the way, but never forget that there is always gonna be hope in the end! Thanks for those who participated! XOXOXO


  1. And then we cut to your friend Rose and everything i do ends in bad. You've heard all my examples... lol

  2. very interesting, i like this. the thing i hate is about pandora's box most is HOPE. i think that hope was the worst thing that could have come out of it. i know it sounds wierd but ppl depend on it way too much. sometimes its not good to hope. but i dont ever think you should leave ur curiosity unsatisfied. always ask if your wondering cause otherwise the unknown can drive you crazy! kudos to a very good blog!!