Saturday, May 2, 2009

I did not get the win, I got something better!!!

Well what started as an unsure event, became a sure win!! Yes, I made money today at the Kentucky Derby!!! Granted I did not win at post, I did however win by an exacta. After hearing the bad news this morning about my original horse "I Want Revenge" being scratched, let alone that it was gonna be a sloppy field due to the rain, I was kind of bummed. He was a sure win and I already had planned out how I was gonna bet. I had to turn to plan B, my second choice "Pioneer of the Nile". I already new that he had a good chance of winning. He was my original pick back in mid April, especially since he was one of Baffert's horses who has always brought me big money in the past. The key was to find who would be the shoe in that would come in second for the exacta. I was undecided between 4 horses and just decided to box them all with "PON" and hope that one of them would come in second! Little did I know that instead of coming in second, one of the horses that I picked, "Mine That Bird", came in first which shot up the purse value because he was a longshot!! His odds were 50-1!! It was a great day at the races. I turned $200 worth of multiple possibilities into a win that paid a little over $2000. Thank you "Mine That Bird" and I hope to see you in the Preakness Stakes in two weeks!!!

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  1. Congrats!! Shake yo Money Maker! LOL im glad to hear that, im not good with betting or the horses so i dont know the specifics but turning to $200 to $2000 sounds good to me! hope you get some awesome stuff!!