Monday, April 20, 2009

They shoot, they SCORE!!!!

My Spurs won!!! I just got home from driving around downtown like a crazy person honking and honking in celebration of the Spurs victory over Dallas tonight. Thank goodness it is Fiesta! There was enough celebration from those going home. Now it's even 1-1. Am I worried?!?! Pfft...I don't think so. I have faith in my Spurs!! Now we are headed to Dallas, their turf. No problem! This post is to say hello and give shout outs to my new Sprus Twitter buddies!! In the chat I met some wonderful people! @geniegenie, @illegalvenez, @rita202109, @slimshadym1, @iamgrey and @Robert1886. And of course I can't forget @Da_ch0sen1, @MrsGinobili, @JUNEBONE, @JwinfrmSA, @mrbravo2000 and @rattlerguy. Here's to hopefully winning the first round!! And remember.....GO SPURS GO!!!!

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