Friday, May 8, 2009

What!! Twitter Maintenance, nooooo!!!

Today's twitter maintenance reminded me of a YouTube vid that I saw a few months ago about how the world would be w/o Twitter.

Funny how twitter has become an everyday part of our lives. Unlike the character in the vid, I do enjoy knowing what my twitter friends are doing throughout the day. There have been times where I have had a pretty rough day and it is those quirky twitter comments that some of my tweeple have posted that I read that make me laugh and feel better. With me, there is no real distinction between my "real" friends and my online twitter friends. All of them are real for me and as much as I love my friends that are part of my everyday life, I love most of my twitter friends just as well.


  1. LOL! I had no idea I would get so addicted..but then again..I like to know what's going on with those I know and stuff haha. I love my twitter friends too! You guys always are so nice and helpful and always knows what to say!

  2. OMG i think oberto posted this one time. its freaking hilarious! thx for posting it here. i love twitter! ooo n thanks for the help with putting twitter on here!!