Monday, April 20, 2009

My Twitter buddies rock!!

Well, my Spurs did not win on Saturday, BUT I'TS OK!!! Today is a new day and we are gonna win!!! I want to begin by thanking all my twiiter buddies for keeping me well entertained on Saturday before and during the game. Thanks to @rattlerguy, @NGIACMKE, @MrsGinobili, @greenfairy5760, @JwinfrmSA, mrbravo2000 and @B0O for making me laugh so much with all your tweets about the game, Fiesta and the events of your evenings. I felt like crap because of my cold but you all made the time pass. I am truly grateful for ALL my twitter buddies :) So my SA Tweeps, let's put our game faces on and get ready for tonight!! GO SPURS GO!!!! :-P

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