Friday, May 15, 2009

Is It Possible to Hate Someone So Much That You Don't Care if They Live or Die?

There is a person in my life that I truly despise. So much that if I saw this person lying on the ground suffering from a heart attack, I would turn and look the other way w/o a single thought of concern. Is that bad? My mother always told me that hate was a bad word. That it was always better to say that you dislike someone. But I am sorry, I hate this person.
Perhaps I should explain. You see, I am not a bad person and it is not in my nature to hate someone. I'm am quite lovable and get along with others easily. It really takes alot to get me mad at you and usually I end up forgetting about it at the end. But if you hurt me or someone I love, you make an enemy for life. That is what happened with this person. She is responsible for my not being able to see my grandmother anymore and is the reason that my father and I had to have everything moved out of the house that I have known since I was little. She has caused my father and I great heartache and pain and was never compassionate with us when we were going through a difficult time.
The reason that I am posting this blog is b/c it's been bottling up inside me again. I was told that I need to release the anger and just blog instead of making myself sick like last time. That's how bad it's gotten!! Oh well I guess that's life. I feel much better now....


  1. I don't want to sound mean either but yes. I really do think you can hate someone so much. I know we're not supposed to say that or use that word..I was told that too..but I really feel that someone can cause you so much pain that you just can't help using the word hate.

  2. I know who you're talking about. After all the crap she's put you and your dad through, she doesn't deserve any kind of thought, good or bad, on your behalf. Sometimes there are people in this world that live through life being mean and cruel to others b/c there's something lacking in theirs. That's what is wrong with her. She lives a bitter meaningless life and feels the need to make everyone else around her feel the same way. You are loved, she isn't. In the end, you should feel sorry for people like that.

  3. There is absolutley nothing wrong with hating someone. I hate that we are told we cant hate someone, or that is not right. People can be so cruel & heartless that there is no other emotion to express how we feel about them. Kudos to you for not being afraid to say so.