Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scary....But Funny as Hell!!

This is gonna be one of those random blogs that I do where I just want to share a tidbit (MG's word) of a random thing that I did or was part of :)
So this past weekend, I spent it with some of my closest friends. I'm gonna go ahead and share something that we discovered in the middle of the night on Saturday (Sat going into Sun). After numerous drinks of whatever contained a so much % proof on it, everything started to seem funny to everyone. There was a debate about whether Pizza Hut was now called The Hut (thx 4 that one MG haha), there was a little bit of truth or dare (which is always fun) and some serious Rock Band playing. I suddenly remembered something my cousins had done a few months ago that I thought I'd introduce to my fellow drunken friends.
Ever heard of the scary maze? It's an online website that offers a puzzle maze that people try to complete but never do. If you are familiar with it, then you know what happens at the end of the maze. If not, I'll be posting the link for you to try and see if you are successful in completing it.
I just wanted to share b/c if you ever find yourself bored w/friends (especially drunk one's) it is such a funny thing to see how a drunky reacts when getting the crap scared out of the them! You might have to copy and paste, but please try if you haven't!!

This is the link to the maze! Try it out if you haven't. Just make sure that you are in your own home and not the workplace.

If you have not done the maze, do not look at the reactions yet! Do the maze and then view the reactions later!!

These are a couple of links to reactions from people playing the scary maze game.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I had an awesome time this weekend spending it with my 2 best friends and I hope that there are many more to come, minus the psycho of course, ha! And speaking of which, not only did that crap maze scare the hell out of me but the psycho as well! So maybe she will stay away! OK, now I am sounding mean to whoever else reads this. But you have no idea people!! Cinder I know you will defend me, lol! Gotta love my snake people!! Take care and I'll talk to you later!