Monday, April 6, 2009

Our road trip was awsome!!!

Wrestlemania 25 is now in the books, and I am happy to say that I along with my dad and god-brother Nicholas were a part of it!! We left for Houston early in the morning and got there about 1:30. The event did not start until 5:30 so we had plenty of time to waste. We decided to eat at the Galleria and from there we went ahead and went to Reliant Stadium. We had to wait awhile before the gates opened. We bought souvenirs and finally were able to get in. The seats were kind of high but with the addition of the Jumbo-trons, we had no problem seeing what was happening. As long as we were there, we did not care!!! The show was awesome!! We agreed that the best match was between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Overall, we had a great time. I am happy that I was able to share this with dad and Nick. I know that mom would have been happy as well.

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