Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been awhile, damn insomnia is back!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged. I need to make a habit of at least posting 2 times a week.

So what's been up? I've been struggling lately with sleeping. Yes, the insomnia is slowly coming back. But it's not as bad as it was the first time. My first round of insomnia I was only getting 10 to 15 minute naps day or night throughout the day and night. 30 mins if I was lucky. This time around, It's anywhere from 2 to 4 hrs. 5 if I'm real lucky.

How do i deal with this problem? Many people are telling me that I need to get on some kind of medication to sleep. My answer, thanks. I did it on my own the first time, I'll be able to do it again. I don't want to be one of those people that depend on pills. Am I wrong in thinking that way? Maybe it's just me. I've been able to do it thus far, I'll be ok.

I often wonder how I'd be though if I didn't have some of the people in my life that I have right now? And I'm not only talking about people that I have physically with me, but people that I've met through twitter. I never thought I'd make some real connections that I've made with some people on twiter. I am grateful for them everyday. Some of them have no idea how much they've helped me in times of need.

So in conclusion, insomnia is back (yay, not), very grateful for my love and best friends here in SA and very grateful for my wonderful, beautiful twitter friends (Have no idea what I'd do w/o them, especially in the middle of the night).

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  1. i dealt with insomnia for about a year when i was in SA, i however depended on pills lol not prescribed i would have to take like 4 tylenol pm but id get the rest, (2 wouldnt do anything) but i think ur right doing on ur own is better dont want to get dependent. but the tylenol pm did what it needed for me and then it wasnt anything to stop taking them when the insominia went away, i hope it goes away soon!