Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 6 - My Favorite Tweets!

Every now and then, there is a tweet or two that catches my attention that I have no choice but to add to my favorites. Here are just a few and why they're my faves!

@shaycarl The Damn internet needs to have a closing time so I can go to sleep. "Thanks for surfing the web but we are currently closed! Come again" ;)
Have we not all felt this way at one time or another! The internet can be too addictiong at times...

@itsBrent [Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.]
I just liked this! Very inspiring. Not sure if Brent came up with it but still! :)

@TonyaTko My dad just came by with his toolbox & saved the day! Thank goodness for Daddies...& even more for The "Daddy's Girls" who love & need them!
I can relate to this tweet on so many levels, I'm a daddy's girl too!

@itsBrent Donuts and Guns. Welcome to Texas.
It's a TX tweet! Had to go in the faves! Copy and paste the link to view the pic, very funny!

@CharlesTrippy I wish they made Head & Shoulders for flaky people in real life and not just flaky hair. LOL.
I thought this was funny!

@MrsGinobili Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, & never regret anything that made you smile.
Words to live by! Gotta love MG :)

@rattlergrl @iamgrey @MrsGinobili @illegalvenez @Rose_Flores Secret coven meeting must be held! We seem to have been put up for discussion? Haha!
I thought this was funny cause seems like everyone wants to be part of our coven. No more members!! HAHAHA!!

@Rose_Flores Ooo they're playing Closer by NIN. Yeah i'm talking to you hahaha ;-)
Pfft! No explanation right Rose?! HAHA!

@carlos_vnzla #1 @rattlergrl @Rose_Flores 262... i SMurfing love you girls :) #2 @Rose_Flores @rattlergrl who cares what tweeple think... the coven is what matters!
Tweets from one of the times Carlos was a little tipsy! lol

@carlos_vnzla #1@rose_flores @rattlergrl U MEMBER.... *sigh* cus recently i was all *sigh*#2@Rose_Flores @rattlergrl lol... i cant show you'll my tweets and blips right now! people will see
Haha, inside jokes with Carlos and Rose!

@Rose_Flores Just passed a street called Rattler Lane. Thought of RG and R2G2! Going too fast to take a pic though lol
Aww, R1G1 and R2G2 :)

@buckhollywood I love that all the major news networks are asking us to tweet our thoughts about Michael Jackson! Everyone is a Twitter WHORE! :-)
We are all twitter whores, don't deny it! Hahaha!

@slimshadym1 #1@rattlergrl hey go to BED..JST SAY!! #2@rattlergrl u too..STOP TWEETING..U NEED #TWEHAB!!lol
The night I realized I had a twitter addiction! Hahaha!

@iamgrey For people who just need to say...and those who want to hear...
This was on a day tht R2 was in Dallas the first time he left. We thank Grey everyday for this song. It's become a very special song to the Rattlers :)

@rattlerguy @rattlergrl What up buttercup! LOL Got 20 mins...
Just thought it was cute :)

@AguyfrTX #1@rattlergrl @rattlerguy And yes i am druk, who gives a F---! I left out the n on purpose so it could rhyme LMAO! BOOSH! #2 Jsut got in, am reelly wasted, and am in 2 truthful of a mood! No tweets 2nite! Well maybez a few LOL Cinder!! Sent you a DM not an MD HAHA! #3 I'm no longer drunk, I am now wasted! LMAO Peace out!
Had to include Matt's tipsy tweets. He's a fun drunkie :)

@Drunk_Bot RT @MrsGinobili @slimshadym1 @rattlergrl omg @jwinfrmsa was stalking us, he totally loves me! =) lmao ok ill stop now im drunk!! - http: ...
Had to add one of our drunk_bot ones! Hahaha!

So these are only a few of my favorite tweets! I have so many! When I'm kinda bummed or just feel like laughing, I go back and read my faves, have a good laugh and then feel much better! I love all my twitter friends. I thank them all!

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  1. the drunk tweets are my faves too! i have R2's saved from the night he announced The Hut news to all of the Twitter world. I really want to thank you for this blog, i know that seems odd but im kinda down right now about trouble and stuff and this really made me smile. just like u said "When I'm kinda bummed or just feel like laughing, I go back and read my faves, have a good laugh and then feel much better!" this blog totally just did that for me! :)