Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new phone!

Oh, such a sad day! My cel phone has finally died! Grr... Funny story. I have had this cel phone since the Motorola Razor first came out. I remember wanting one b/c I thought it was such a cool looking phone! My mom and dad decided to get me one and I was real excited. I remember that they spent like $400, almost $500 dollars! I was so excited b/c I had such a cool phone! Little did I know that about 2 yrs later it would be offered as a buy 1 get one free for like $149. Haha!
Anyway, point of the story. I have been holding on to this phone b/c it was something that my mother gave me. For some reason, I had it in my mind that by replacing the phone it would be like getting rid of another memory of my mother. IDK might seem weird but for some reason it makes sense to me. Well I have come to realize that the phone is only a material item and I am ready for a new phone! Yay, for me. May seem stupid, but it's a positive step for me. So at the end of this week, I'm getting a new phone!


  1. its funny how the smallest things can bring back such wonderful memories of the ones we love & its not stupid if its important to you! im glad you are able to get a new one, i cant really believe that you still have (or i should say HAD) a razor lol. i have one in a drawer somewhere as a back up!

  2. hey rg! that does not seem stupid at all. we all hold on to things that to us are very personal and mean a lot and may not seem like a lot but when they really are more than just a simple well phone in this case. :)

    and also i remember when the razr's came out lol. i had one, then i had a slvr and just got rid of my rokr today for my new blackberry :)

    hope you enjoy your new phone... keep the old one