Sunday, January 31, 2010

OMG, has it been that long!

Hello amigas and amigos!
Well it has been awhile since I've blogged. And not that nothing has been going on, but I've gotten lazy. Not good! So I'm going to make a promise to myself, 3 blogs a week! Or at least 1, haaha!

Relationship wise - Things are going well with R2 and I, yay! Granted our last dramatic outfall was a couple of weeks ago, but prior to that it was last back in November. So tht's a good thing. I like where we are right now, that's all tht matters :)

Family wise - Blah! That's another story. Those tht are close to me know that I hve a story with a particular relative tht I bunt heads with. Well tht's not going so well so stay tuned to future blogs about how she continues to torture me.

Friends - I never got a chance to express my thanks and gratitude for some very special people that have come into my life this past year through the online community. These people have brightened my day in more ways than one and hve been there at my lowest. I know tht they may not realize this, but there were times when I got a txt, card, e-mail, IM or phone call at the perfect time to lift me up. I love all my friends and am thankful for each and every one of them, but I want to make a special recognition to Angie (MG), Carlos and Grey (who needs to get a blog going!!) for being some of the dearest friends anyone could ask for :)

And with that, here's hoping tht everyone id hving a good year so far. 11 more months to go til 2011, haaha!


  1. aww tear! and the same to you. u were the serial blogger i missed ur blogs. glad ur back. i like to look at other peoples lives and see that things are going well. is that weird? lol it makes me happy when my friends are happy especially when im down. anyway long story short, welcome back!

  2. 嘿,你的部落格不錯耶~~只是想跟您問聲好!!........................................